Check Out What I Just Bought

Ok, these are the pictures from the Craig'slist posting and trust me, they don't do the stove justice. It has all the original bakelite nobs and is in imaculate condition - I mean this lady must have used it once in the whole 60+ years of it's life. YAY! It's going to make the whole kitchen far less dreary. And way way less murder scene -y.

Let's review what I affectionally termed the murdercscene kitchen (note the arc of rust on the lovely, frily curtain that looks eversomuch like blood splatter. Yum!
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Maybe we should have?


Jennifer said...

VERY cool! What luck to find it. It's great.

iloveupstate.com said...

I'm coming over as soon as it's installed and we're having tea and a baguette.

Damn. Is that a bread warming drawer?

Green Fairy said...

Oh my god...I am soooo jealous. That's beautiful!

Hallie and Joe said...

Thanks ladies! Iloveupstate - I was told it was a warming drawer, but I'm all for making it more specific. I will take you up on a bread related date when things start getting plugged in around here. Actually, your comment has inspired me to make more bread related plans in general.

An Hour In the Kitchen said...

LOVE the stove! Can't wait to see your house, the renovations look fun!