Guess What?

Cat Butt!So yeah, another thing we (OK Joe) accomplished is the removal of the linoleum in the hallway. Finally! Now the hall connects to the rooms on either side so much better. The wood is patched in places, I think there may have been a trap door to the basement near the front door. But I love how it looks. For some reason, Jack (aforementioned chubby white kitty) really wanted to be involved in these pics.
Kinda crusty and dusty.
looking backward toward the kitchen.

Oh - if you check out the top picture you'll notice how the doorway was once large and lovely and is now crappy and home depot-y. They basically framed it in and put up the lamest front door they could find at the neighborhood big box. Anyway, we discovered that there were large hinge-notches on either side of the space, so it used to have double doors. Yay! Not that they are cheap or anything but I love those and when the time comes I'll dig shopping for them. I think I have a picture of my friend Dawn's front door - for inspiration. I'll dig it up and post it when I find it.

here's a before... you'l have to enlarge to note the linoleum on the floors.

And here's a before that...
Shudder. See? From now on, when I tell you that every visible surface was blanketed by a thick coating of ugly, you'll know that I was being gentle so as not to hurt the house's feelings.
It was really covered with a gooey layer of scream and run.
Which is probably why we got it for a song.
It gave everyone else who saw it a rash, a wheezy cough and bad dreams.
OK, I'm exaggerating, there were actually other offers. But still. Total song.


Renovation Therapy said...

Try Zaborski's in Kingston for the double doors. They might have them...cheap.

betsy said...

hallie--your house is looking so great!!! i love the dining room and now the hall shows what a classy place it was and can be. i got so excited about your last post about the dining room that i started thinking about what furniture i might have that you'd like. and then i remembered your superior taste (and how to get it up there?).--betsy

Anonymous said...

I would not have believed what a difference removing the linoleum made. Hope it wasn't too terrible to remove. And of course the paneling, carpet, etc...

Good job!


Hallie and Joe said...

Oh yeah - I forgot about Zaborskis. It hink you told me about it once and i was too broke to browse. Maybe soon:)
And Hi Betsey xo
Say hi to aunt Betsey Y'all!

rh said...

So, um...that light bit at the bottom of the stairs on the last picture. Is that part of the carpet or is it a ghost?

Hoffman's Barn in Red Hook for salvage!

Hallie and Joe said...

I think it might be the ghost of Home Depot half-moon door windows.

Velvet and Linen said...

Wow. This is quite a project!
Your house has wonderful bones. I can see why you bought her (yes, I agree. Your home is definitely a lady).
Thank you for visiting Velvet and Linen today!