Post Backlog

here's the thing, in real time if you rarely have the dough to hire help, renovations are super slow and snorey.
I find myself wondering if anyone really wants to hear about me spending three hours picking the wallpaper flakes out from between the wall and a door casing with a fork on Saturday and that there's still more to do.
Or that two full weekends have now been spent painting the kitchen but is still looks pretty much the same in photos.
I think we all know that the answer is a big fat nope. But regardless, I'm kicking out the jams y'all. here are a few entries that have been clogging up my outbox for far too long.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Hallie, I love to hear about all those boring things - makes me know I'm not alone!

But seriously, where do bloggers find the time? Do they ever sleep? I've been reading blogs for the last year or so, and just reading them takes a lot of time - I can't imagine actually doing the writing, photos, and posting, too. Keep up the good work on the reno - it will be worth it.

Barbara H.

us said...

You said it Babs. Thanks for the pep talk!

dec0r8or said...

I love to hear them too! Coming from someone who has NO budget (me), I like to hear that I'm not alone too! I just painted the hall leading down to my basement today. Big thrill. But it feels good to get something accomplished! Keep sharing. We're listening!!