Aaaaaaaaaaaaand We're Back

Hi guys!
A lot has happened. For one thing, Joe got better. And then better and better. He just completed his first week of work on a certain reality show that shall remain nameless (lets just say it stars a certain megalomaniac gazillionaire with hair I can only describe as peachy-meringue-ish).
Joe reports being insanely tired, but is doing alright otherwise. We really don't know which (if any) of his symptoms will linger. So we are opting for all out optimism.
Why the hell not - right?

Though our medical bills are behemoth - we have been able to raise nearly 20 (that's right) 20 grand allready, and we haven't even sold a single eBay item yet. Some of you had a lot to do with that. You know who you are. We love you! No really, we love you.

If you want more health/medical news - including fascinating info about me negotiating those medical bills you can learn more here.

But I feel like it's time to post a picture of us doing some house shidt before everyone mutinies.
Voila: here's Joe tweaking the gutters right before he saddled up and reported to set.

In other news, Bernie ALSO got diagnosed with Lyme about three weeks ago. I was like, really God? But luckily, it's not as big of a wup for doggies. He's still on antibiotics but he seemed to respond right away.

When Joe got sick people mailed us all kinds of stuff. Stuff to raise money for our bills, fancy supplements to help him rebuild his system... and then stuff like rose quartz, "phone healings" and long distance Reiki. To absolutely everything we said "thanks, we'll take it." I mean cynical or not, we were loving all of the support - and were desperate for solutions.
So this is us torturing poor Bernie with healing crystals when we found out he had Lyme in his lil' kneesies.
You can see in his eyes - in that moment, he would have given anything to have been able to choke us to death.

He hates us a little bit now.
Anyway, I'm back.
Thanks to everyone who reached out to us. It really really really really made a difference.

We have lots of great stuff (that some of you donated) on eBay this week. I'll post links tomorrow.


erin said...

I am sooooo happy to hear that both Joe and Bernie are on the mend! Much love to you all!! xoxoxoxox

Green Fairy said...

So good to hear Joe's doing better!

Renovation Therapy said...

Yay! Kick Lyme's ass (does Lyme have an ass?).

I'm up this weekend if you want to grab a beer or 10.

us said...

to Erin and GF: thanks you guys. I can't believe how cool my blogging buddies were through it all.

to RT:
Woohoo! I accept. Joe is home on Sundays only, so Friday or Saturday is better for me. But whatever. I'd love to see you. Will follow up via email.
ps: still owe you a pic of the rug. Coming up!

Jenni said...

So glad things are looking up for you guys.

You have been in my thoughts.

Give Bernie a dog cookie, please. He really wants a cookie, not a rock.

Nadine @ BDG said...

Glad to hear things are on the mend-- best wishes for a healthy autumn.

modernemama said...

I'm so glad things (and Joe) are getting better. You guys should pitch your own "How to Cope with...: reality show