Just For The Sake Of Gratitude

This was my dining room a year ago...

Be sure to drink in the following:

creative bricklaying gone bad
carpet into the fireplace
faux wood paneling
exposed pipes jutting out from wall at wacky angles
crack-is-wack vinyl pull down shades that make the windows look super low
acoustic tile ceiling


Renee Malove said...

Is this still what it looks like, or have you guys had a chance to do some work on it? This reminds me of the dining area of a friend-except we found out they'd covered up hardwood flooring with all that carpeting! She got ahold of a hardwood expert at Floormall.com and found out how to refinish, repair and replace as needed for a neat look instead of carpeting gone wrong!

What are you guys going to do about the fireplace?

modernemama said...

Is it bad that I kinda like the funky mortared fireplace? Everything else though ::shudder::

us said...

It's way changed (though many other scary ones aren't yet. I'll post a few beauty shots of it soon to clarify - but it's the room that the Christmas tree is in in all the decoration photos.
MM - ha! In person, I assure you the bricks were scary as hell. The gaps between was really deep so painting alone was not enough. Click on fireplace in the label cloud to see the progress.

Decorina said...

That is a truly horrible room. Way scary - but you made it wonderful.