Other Decorations...

Since I decorated a fakester tree this year, I used real boughs wherever I could. I sent Joe out to pick me up some greenery and he came back with way more than I had any idea what to do with. Hence my window hanging brainstorm.
I used some vintage ribbon that I recently scored from a church basement thrift store ($4 for an entire box!) and some of those sticky, removable hooks.
Exhibit A.

As you can see they are hard to photograph, due to their back lit orientation. The night photos are even a little sucky.

I hung them in all four windows...

I decorated each with a few of the vintage ornaments I got on eBay...

I can not get enough of those glass birds. It's like a sickness. I had to make myself stop finding an buying them.

Aren't these mercury glass ornaments pretty on the chandelier?

On the fireplace I hung a little clothesline where I thought I'd hang my Christmas cards as they rolled in. Did the whole world get a case of the fuck-its all at once? Because I have received exactly zero cards. Am I officially bitching?
Not really. I totally get it. How many have I sent out? coughzerocough.

So what you see hanging there now is one Halloween card (my MIL is a card addict), a birth announcement (shout out to my cuz Katherine Odessa and her newest bambino Dove), and a Thank You card. I'll give it another week before I cave and take it down.

In the fireplace is a thanksgiving decoration left over. more church basement madness. Am I an old lady for digging on the dried flower arrangements? Are they too harvesty?
Then I decorated the top of my farm cabinet with these silver goblets I've had out for the last month or so. I brought them out for a bridal shower I threw awhile back and kept them out for Thanksgiving drinks, and now I'm still loving the sparkle. Laziness may or may not have also been a factor.
That's a cotton branch you see over on the left. On a recent day in the city I noticed that all of the delis had started stocking them in the flower section. Don't you think cotton would make brilliant bridal decor? I have no idea why I hadn't thought of it before, coming from Memphis and all. Anyway, I love love love the way cotton looks.

I stuck a few ornaments in the bird's nest too. Is it too hokey?
I'm feelin kinda more is more lately.

Here is all of that great vintage ribbon I bought for $4. I tossed it under this cloche and it created its own pretty display. When I took this, I was making my chandelier crystal ornaments - those aren't actually hanging off the side anymore.
The base (and the two cool topiaries that are flanking it) were scores from my friend Dawn's amazing house sale. I'm getting realy into recycling beautiful things betwen friends. I'll do a post coming up about the great pieces I have that I can't use and plan to give away to friends. Let's share y'all. I'm kind of over buying new things at the moment.
Anyway - behold.

Oh and if you are looking for the most ghetto way to hang a wreath, look no further, for I am here to answer your prayers. Simply tie two wreaths together with icky vinyl ribbon (the kind you would use to wrap a car for someones sweet 16 in Jersey) and throw them over the door so one hangs inside, one hangs outside.
Viola - magic.
Looks perfect with the fugly home depot special door dontcha think?

Yes, yes I know that I'm always saying how you can't make chicken salad out of chicken shidt - but really, I just did it for the nice piney smell. I even decorated the ugliest stairway known to man with garland. Just be thankful that I only took one photo of this masterpiece.

The end.
Happy freezing Sunday!


Five and Diamond said...

charlie brown x-mas card clothesline! :D

Renovation Therapy said...

Those ribbons look awesome in the cloche!

erin said...

I haven't received one card yet either! Nor have I sent one....but I will!

Jenni said...

The decorations look very pretty. I like the boughs with the bird, ball, and ribbon. I think I may copy your idea. I too love the birds.