Oh Christmukkah Tree

For some reason I got really into decorating this Christmas. Maybe because last year it was way too homesteader around here. We were just focused on basic shidt like not freezing to death, not burning down the house etc. You know, the really festive stuff:)

Along with piles and piles of holiday-specific crappola, we found two vintage fake trees in the attic when we bought the house. After trying to donate them and getting the ole, thanks-but-no-thanks, I decided to decorate the nicer of the two. I'm so glad I did - cause it looks awesome!
Fake trees are surprisingly great to work with - you can bend the branches however you want to accommodate decorations. Who knew?
I hung real boughs all over the place to get that real, yummy pine smell though. I'll post pics of those next.

I prowled eBay and bought a bunch of antique Shiny Brite (and other vintage) ornaments. Aren't they gorgeous? Lots of them are scratched and dull - but it makes them look more like mercury glass, and I love how they look.

Then a made a bunch of ornaments out of all of these antique chandelier crystals I've been stockpiling.
I also went nuts on these vintage blown-glass bird ornaments. I can not take how pretty they are! this one is a weird parrot-rooster hybrid.

Even though it looks like a lot, I probably spent less than $30 total because I focused on buying lots rather than singles.

This is the piece de resistance as far as I'm concerned. It's such a cool combination of clown costume and Christmas tree topper. So 50's! Hand blown glass btw.

I have so many festive decorate-y pics to post, that I'll have to dole them out slowly so I don't have the most boring monster-posts ever.
Thanks for indulging me.
Happy Hanukkah to those who are celebrating!


Green Fairy said...

The tree looks awesome! Glad you're blogging again. ;-)

us said...

thx babe!